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Congregation Beit Simcha is proud that our first Torah scroll is one of the famed Czech Memorial Scrolls, received from the Czech Memorial Scrolls Trust located at Westminster Synagogue in London, UK. The regular use of this scroll brings back to life a Jewish community that is gone, and connects us to our history and heritage in profound and powerful ways.

A large number of Torah scrolls were sent to Prague during the Shoah (Holocaust) and stored and archived there as the sole surviving remnants of many Jewish communities destroyed by the Nazis. Over four hundred of these Torah scrolls were rediscovered during the Communist period and brought to London in a sort of rescue operation. Our Senior Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon’s great-uncle, Rabbi Harold Reinhart of blessed memory, the founding rabbi of Westminster Synagogue, was instrumental in the rescue of these scrolls and their refurbishment and redistribution to synagogues throughout the world.
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